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Genre?  What does it mean?

In simplistic terms, a genre is the category or style of a book – for example, science, non-fiction, graphic novel, technology, space.
It comes from the French word, for 'type.' 


A very popular genre with our students!

10 New Titles

I have 10 new titles that are available now in the SEEK & FIND Box!  Ask about them today... get in fast though because they are going to go out quick!

Scholastic Lucky Book Club
ISSUE 7 Out Now

Closing Date for School Orders: 3pm Tuesday 24th October 2023

Māori Language Week

Monday 11th September - Friday 15th September

The Māori Word for
Book is pukapuka

The Māori Word for Teacher is kaiako

English / Māori Books

See our Bilingual Section

Available Now

How to say "My name is Miss Kara" in Te Reo Māori

ko Miss Kara toku ingoa


Most Popular Genre!

Watch this Space

More Coming Soon!

Tongan Language Week

4th September - 8th September 2023

Check out our fantastic range of Tongan Books in the Library - come and check them out.
Fantastic Authors like David Riley and Jill MacGregor are amongst them!

I also have English / Tongan Bilingual Books too!

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Starts Monday 12th June 2023


Lucky Book Club : Issue 4

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TERM 4 : 2022

Fiction vs Non-Fiction

Do you know the difference?

Ayaan and Pawan from Room 19 have been working on their Library Booklets this term and with a bit of team work they got there!  Well done boys!

Fiction is Fake (Pretend, Made up)
Non-Fiction is Not Fake (Real, Factual)

New Catalogue Issue 8

School Orders close Tuesday 22nd November


Colouring In Competition Winners

Congratulations to ALL our winners!

Frances Room 2, Anaya Room 5, LJ Room 10, Dubrey Room 10, Syna Room 10, Marianna Room 11, Janel Room 12, Tobias Room 24, Ina Room 24, Hania Room 19, Sierra Room 19, Pounamu Room 19, Dhisha Room 16, Shamma Room 14, Arius Room 9B

So many winners this time because there were so many entries and so hard to choose!!!

All these students have won a Scholastic Voucher to use in the next catalogue Issue 8

Latest Scholastic Lucky Book Issue 7 :  OUT NOW!

Order online and use the Promo Code below and save $5!  Valid only until Friday 21st October! Hurry!

TERM 3 : 2022


Congratulations to all our Winners of this terms Colouring In Competition!

These entries won themselves a $10.00 Scholastic Lucky Book Club Voucher

Thanks to everyone else... It was a hard decision this time round, so many cool entries!  You could be a winner next term!

Library Booklet
Student Feedback

"The only thing that was missing... was nothing! I love it!"  Elijah

"It's awesome because there are different activities" Ataahua

"I like the activities" Izrael

"I would like to have a word search in it, but it's great - it's perfect" Andrea


This term I have been working on a new way to run a Library Lesson!

I would like to introduce you to my latest creation...  this has been collated to support teachers and their students to provide a productive, yet fun, library session.  These sessions happen once a week during class allocated visits.

Each booklet is filled with activities and learning intentions
for our tamariki for the entire term.

Currently available for Middle and Senior School students.

Junior School - TBA



School Orders Close Monday 8th August at 9am

Please send your order/s to the office in a sealed envelope... don't forget to write your childs name and room number on the order form!

If your order is a GIFT... please email me [email protected] and let me know if this is a secret parcel or not.  I can text/email you when it arrives and arrange a time for you to collect :)

Welcome Back!

Hope you had a fantastic break and are all ready for another term of awesomeness! So much is happening this term! Jam packed with cool activities and competitions!

TERM 2 : 2022


The level of interest in
Graphic Novels has exploded!

Our students here just love them... A regular purchase of new Graphic Novels (what we use to call Comics) and the kids go wild!
Some of them don't even make it onto the shelves...
I have tubs for these types of books that are usually empty!

Issue 4 : OUT NOW

School Orders Close Monday 20th June 2022 at 9am

Please send your order/s to the office in a sealed envelope... don't forget to write your childs name and room number on the order form!

If your order is a GIFT... please email me [email protected] and let me know if this is a secret parcel or not.  I can text/email you when it arrives and arrange a time for you to collect :)

Pasifika Super Heroes


A new bundle of 7 bilingual books by David Riley have just hit our shelves!

On display or under 398 in our "Legend" Section

English/Tongan and English/Samoan books can also be found in our bilingual cases!

Samoan Language Week

27th May - 3rd June

Celebrating Samoa

TATAU : A History of Samoan Tattooing

A new book, that's on it's way but will be a great asset to our library resources!  This will be Teacher Resource that I'm sure they will be happy to share with their students :)

I have heaps of books about Samoa... but for this week most of them get snapped up pretty quick by the teachers to share with their students and neighbouring classrooms!


Get yours today from Miss Kara in the Library

Hell Pizza Reading Challenge

First Pizza Wheel
Completed for 2022

Congratulations to Lovely from Room 19

Enjoy your Pizza my friend!

If you would like any more information about the Reading Challenge, please feel free to drop me an email :)
[email protected]

Welcoming this collection to our library!


Read all about the adventures of Meg and Mog (and Owl) in a new collection that will be hitting our shelves in the next couple of days!  These characters have been around for years but are a first for our library!  Exciting!

You can find these funky picture books under N or on display!

I have a feeling these will be popular because they are an easy read for beginners and great for parents to read too!

Graeme Base Books - New Additions!


Graeme Base books are a beautifully illustrated collection of picture books


Brilliant examples for Descriptive Writing!

The Tree

Check these out under B

First Kindy Session for 2022 with Murdoch Park Kindy!

Every week, when Covid hasn't interrupted schooling, Murdoch Park Kindy come for their visits to our school!
I prepare a book with an activity that we all do together and talk about "BIG SCHOOL"

It's so great meeting the next wave of little people that will be starting at our school in the near future!

This week's book is GIRAFFES CAN'T DANCE - 25/05/2022

Peppa Pig Books

Peppa Pig Fans... Oh my goodness... we have loads of new Peppa Pig Books coming soon including this ultimate box set collection of 50 books... they should be here for June!

Keep an eye out in our Picture Book Section!

Colouring In Competition 

Competition Closes Tuesday 24th May 2022 at 3pm

Each winner will receive a $10.00 Scholastic Lucky Book Club Voucher! Congratulations!

Here are the Winners!!!

Jasgun - Room 1
Shine - Room 6
Rida - Room 10
Zahraa - Room 12
Andrea - Room 21
Vayun - Room 25
Avni - Room 25
Super creative entries this time!  A great job!

And of course thank you to all the other students that entered...
maybe next time you could be one of our winners!

Library Training is Back this Term!

Applications have been coming in thick and fast!

As part of the Application process, students are asked to fill in a form to register.
They are required to answer 3 questions.

Why would you like to be a librarian?

"Because I like to see smiles on peoples faces..." Age 10
"Because I want to be a book person like Miss Kara ..."  Age 7
"I always wanted to be a librarian since I was a kid..." Age 9
"Because I would like to help people find cool books..."  Age 7
"I would like to be a librarian because I think it would be fun and it would be good on my report!"  Age10
"I like cleaning  books..."  Age 6
"Being a librarian sounds AWESOME..."  Age 11
"Because being a librarian is my dream..."  Age 7
"So I can help Miss Kara so she doesn't have to be alone..."  Age 7
"Because I love Miss Kara and because Miss Kara is the best and she loves us..."  Age 9
"Because I want to try my best for my last year at Pap South..."  Age 10
"I like to tell people to use their inside voice..."  Age 8
"Because I want to help out Miss Kara..."  Age 10
"Because I want to be a smart man..."  Age 7

Why do you think you would make a great librarian?

"I like books and will force kids to clean until it's spotless..."  Age 10
"Because I want to be a cool Libaryen like Miss Kara..."  Age 7
"Because I'm a good reader..."  Age 9
"Because I will be showing love and giving respect..." Age 10
"I would like to help Miss Kara..."  Age 9
"Because I would be Miss Kara's assistant..." Age 7

What do you like most about the library?

"Miss Kara and the books and smiling..." Age 10
"Books! I just love to read... Once I read in a tree!"  Age 8
"I love everything about the library..." Age 9
"Reading with the Teddy Bears..."  Age 7
"Miss Kara..."  Age 8
"All the books and of course Miss Kara's humour..."  Age 10

TERM 1 : 2022


Story Time with Miss Kara

Second Break 1.10 - 1.45pm behind Room 8

Come and listen to one or two awesome picture book stories with your friends!

Only while we are in RED, and weather permitting!

Brand New Disney Picture Books

Available Now!

Available Now!

Available Now!

Available Now!

Toy Story & The Lion King

Toy Story - The Pet Problem
Toy Story 4
Toy Story - A Roaring Adventure

The Lion King - A Princes Day
The Lion King
The Lion King - We are NOT Lost!
The Lion King - A Day without Pumbaa

Find these great books under D

Brand New Disney Chapter Books

10 Book Series - find them under D

Come and check them out!

Frozen is a favourite!

Spaced out text for an easy read!

Brand New MARVEL Chapter Books

New Chapter Books by MARVEL

Found on display or under M

5 Books to choose from

Available Now!

Closing Dates for the Library

Friday 2nd December is the last day of Library Sessions

All books are to be returned on this day or early next week!

Miss Kara has to do a Stock Take etc

Thanks everyone!