Papatoetoe South School...

Is a large decile 2 school situated in Manukau. It has served the Papatoetoe community since 1965.

A key feature of our school is our focus on empowering and inspiring our students, staff and wider community through our school mission statement, purpose and values.

We set our learners up for success and help them challenge their boundaries through highly capable staff, quality learning programmes and high expectations. We provide an environment with all pillars of wellbeing, is safe, inclusive, culturally responsive and provides a sense of belonging and pride.


Our curriculum

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Whare Pukapuka


Each week every class has an allocated library time  and is open during break times to allow students to build research skills and a love of books.

Our school is also proud to offer weekly whānau library sessions in which you have the opportunity to spend some quality time in our school library reading and sharing our books with your children. You are welcome to come and visit the library with your child during these session times and even issue books to take home and read together. If you are interested in getting a library card so that you can issue books, please call into the school office or email

Our extremely passionate Kaitiaki Pukapuka, Miss Kara would love to see you.

To see the full Library site, click here.

Le Va Inclusive Centre

Getting students working successfully in regular classroom settings

Our focus for the children is based on the Can Child ‘F-Words’ of childhood disability – fun, family, friends, fitness, function and future! We follow the principles of family centred care where the parent is the expert in knowing their child and the team around the child are the resource that work together to bring aspirations to life.

Papatoetoe South School is in the unique position of offering our students, dependent on their needs, the opportunity for integration:

  • fully mainstreamed
  • partially mainstreamed
  • full-time placement in our Centre

We are lucky to currently have two regular classrooms that operate as part of the Le Va Inclusive Centre. They have a range of extra resources to support the learner with high needs.

The Inclusive Centre is lead by Mary Robertson, a member of our leadership team. Mary is very experienced and is hugely empathetic to the students in her care.

These resources include:

  • high adult to child ratio
  • access to therapists on site (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech language therapy)
  • specialised medical support.

Students will be placed according to their needs – some students come to Le Va classrooms whereas others may be placed in mainstream. All have an inclusion component in their IEP document.

For more information please go to our Enrolment page.

Te Puna Akona

Te reo Māori bilingual pathway

Papatoetoe South School is committed to providing a quality bilingual pathway for all whānau and tamariki who wish to learn te reo me ona tikanga Māori alongside the New Zealand Curriculum.

Te Puna Akona offers a safe, inclusive and culturally responsive learning environment where tamariki feel empowered to learn and grow as Māori. Every child is motivated and supported to realise their full potential and achieve academic success.

Strong relationships with whānau and the community provide our tamariki with opportunities to experience learning outside of the classroom. This includes regular excursions to places such as Polyfest, Stardome, the Zoo, sports exchanges, and Marae noho.

We aim to grow and nurture happy, creative and confident bilingual students who will make a positive contribution to Aotearoa. Ka Hikitia!

If you would like your tamariki to be a part of our learning journey in Te Puna Akona, or have any questions, please feel free to ask at the office.

We would love to hear from you. Nau mai, haere mai!

For more information please go to our Enrolment page