Virtual Reading Books: Year 1-3

Virtual Reading Books: Year 3-6

Mrs Tauasosi reads I am Lupe

Mr Marshall-Harding reads E 'Ōrama Nā Māmā Rū'au (Granny's Wish) in Cook Islands' Māori

Mr Marshall-Harding reads Granny's Wish (English version)

Mr Marshall-Harding reads Te Au Pepe Tōpatapata (Spotted Butterflies) in Cook Islands' Māori

Mr Marshall-Harding reads Spotted Butterflies (English version)

Mrs Gibbons reads Funnybones

Whaea Ana reads Kei Hea te Hipi Kakariki

Mary reads Chomp Goes to School

Mrs Kumar reads Little Giant

Whaea Kathryn reads Tiger

Miss Berry reads Ooey Gooey Gone

Miss Alisha reads I love you - now and forever

Mrs Greenslade reads Pig the Pug

Miss Stowers reads Greedy Cat

Mrs Yearbury reads Mutt Dog

Mrs Cooney reads Grandma Joins the All Blacks

Mrs Natalie reads Colour Me Happy

Mrs George reads The Crocodile Bird

Matua Jakes reads Rātā me te Rākau (Rātā and the Tree)

James Baker reads I Need a New Bum

Mrs Rai reads Dinosaurs

Mary reads Where does a Giraffe Go to Bed?

Mrs Berry reads Never Grow Up

Whaea Ana reads There was an Old Bloke Who Swallowed a Bunny

Miss Berry reads The Bomb

Mrs Anna reads Tiny Miss Dott and her Dotty Umbrella

Mrs Greenslade reads Hairy Maclary Shoo