West Papatoetoe Kahui Ako

Focus on teacher practices that improve learning outcomes for students.

Current Kahui Ako Strategic Plan at Papatoetoe South School

  1. Use a spiral of inquiry model to identify effective teaching pedagogy that accelerates student progress in Writing and Science, through using Oral Language skills.
  2. Coaching/mentoring to strengthen teacher understanding and capability to make effective Overall Teacher Judgements.
  3. Strengthen teacher knowledge of the New Zealand Curriculum and Literacy Learning Progressions.
  4. Engage leaders and teachers in professional development that improves their teaching and learning capabilities in Literacy.
  5. Embed culturally responsive and relational pedagogy into classroom literacy practice.

Our intended outcomes

  • improve teacher and leader capability and pedagogy, content knowledge and assessment practices to raise student achievement and build student agency.
  • by the end of 2020 at least 70% of students will be achieving at or above New Zealand Curriculum as measured by New Zealand Curriculum Levels.