School Zone

Maps -

In Zone Streets:

Abelia Place

Aerovista Place

Bendale Place

Bridge Street

Burrell Avenue

Cambridge Terrace

Campana Road

Capital Place

Carters Lane

Chestnut Road

Daphne Road

Diversey Lane

Evelyn Street

Fairview Road

Fenton Street

Ferndown Road (1-16)

Gifford Road

Golden Arches Place

Grand Vue Road

Heathberry Close

Hillside Road (55 to end and 72 to end)

Hooker Place

Kenderdine Road

Lismore Place

Margaret Road

Mawke Lane

McLaughlins Road

Milan Road

Miles Avenue

Millennium Place

Nesdale Road

Olive Cres

Orrs Road

Pah Road

Prices Road

Puhinui Road (186 to end and 193 to end)

Quintal Place

Ramsey Street

Rapley Place

Raymond Road

Romford Road

Roscommon Road (up to Wiri Station Road)

Sabi Place

Selfs Road

Tavern Lane

Tutere Road

Verdi Street

Vision Place

Vogler Drive

Wallace Road

Wyllie Road