In Zone Enrolments

Enrolment Form 2019.pdf
Enrolment Questionnaire.pdf

In-Zone Enrolments

When enrolling your child at our school a formal enrolment meeting will be held with the Associate Principal to go through all enrolment information with a parent or legal guardian.

An official school enrolment form must be completed and all necessary information provided:

  • Your child's New Zealand Birth Certificate OR if born overseas your child's passport stamped with "Permanent Residency" or a current "Student Visa" and Parent's "Work Visa". (Original copies NOT a photocopy.)
  • Copy of your child's Immunisation Certificate signed by your Doctor (this can be obtained from your family Doctor).
  • Proof of address (original NOT a photocopy) - a recent copy of the parent's/caregiver's power or landline telephone account or a tenancy agreement. Proof of address must be less than three months old.

If the proof of address item is not in the parent/caregiver's name then the following must be provided:

  • a power bill or landline telephone bill for the home zone address they and the child are living at;
  • a letter from the person whose name the above bill is in stating that the parent/caregiver and child live at this address;
  • two pieces of official type mail addressed to the parent/caregiver at the address on the enrolment form e.g bank statement, WINZ letter, NOT a personal letter.
  • You may also need to complete a Dental Services Enrolment Form.

For families who cannot provide the necessary documentation for proof of address, then an Enrolment Questionnaire is to be completed. If office staff are still unsure of genuineness then a meeting with the Principal is to be set up. An impromptu home visit may be required BEFORE the child can start school. The Principal will make the final decision.

Where a student is living in a boarding or custody arrangement the Primary Duty of Care declaration on the enrolment form is to be signed by the caregiver.

For All Home Zone Enrolments

Where the genuineness of a home zone address is in doubt the parent/caregiver may be asked to complete an Enrolment Questionnaire. The Enrolment Questionnaire will be assessed by the Principal and if necessary the Principal will meet with the parent/caregiver. If it is deemed necessary the school may also conduct an impromptu home visit prior to acceptance.