Positive Behaviour For Learning

What is Positive Behaviour For Learning? (PB4L)

PB4L is a school-wide behaviour programme that encourages positive student behaviour in the classroom and the playground through praise, positive talk, student encouragement, appropriate rewards, behaviour lessons, reinforced values and consistent behaviour messages.

What does this look like at Papatoetoe South School?

​​Papatoetoe South School is one of only a few schools in New Zealand that implements the PB4L programme.

The school focuses on a 3B's motto: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be a Learner

These three slogans drive everything we do in terms of behaviour, they are displayed prominently in every classroom and teachers regularly refer back and discuss the 3Bs. In the playground, when a teacher or member of staff "catches" a student showing one or all of these mottos, their name and positive behaviour is written on a slip of paper and put into a weekly draw to win a book of their choice.

Individual classroom assembly certificates, rewards and behaviour programmes are also based on the 3Bs.

In addition to the PB4L awards, negative student behaviour is also recorded by classroom teachers and given to school senior management to collate and analyse. This allows the school to do two things: first to identify students who are struggling with behaviour issues and set up individual or group programmes to address the issue and provide extra help, it also allows senior management to identify school-wide behaviour trends on which to base weekly classroom PB4L lessons.

Once a week every classroom conducts a behaviour lesson looking at a specific issue or trend, the lessons usually involve a lot of discussion, role play, brainstorming, sharing of ideas and working as a team to find ways of combating the behaviour issue.

Papatoetoe South School staff and students are right behind the PB4L programme, we have already seen improvements and successes from the programme and look forward to more as it grows in our school.

​Our Code of Conduct

The Papatoetoe South School Code of Conduct is a document created by teachers to outline exactly what positive behaviour looks like in our school. The behaviours and expectations in the code of conduct are based on our 3Bs:

Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be a Learner.

Each classroom displays the code of conduct prominently in the classroom and refers to it regularly in the weekly PB4L lessons and throughout the school day.